Sports themed t-shirt for Woot! derby contest

Well its been a while since my last blog entry, but there was a “double take” in the woot derby, which means they have a derby consisting of all of their honorable mentions for the last several weeks. (no honorable mentions for me this time) So I used the time instead to work on getting prepared for next week and other side projects I am working on. I’ll go into a little more detail about these projects in another post soon.

For this derby,, the theme was something “sports” related. I know that the winter Olympics in Sochi are starting soon, so I wanted something related. My thinking is that the dynamic jumps and tricks of snowboarding make excellent visual images for t-shirts. I started by sketching several snowboarders jumping using an image search. Next I created an composition and new gesture drawing with the visual info I had gleaned. A compass was helpful for making the circle, I recommend the small plastic type, with a plastic spinning disk in the cutout center, since it has the added benefit of an integrated straight edge and tiny circle templates. See my video coming soon to see it in action!

After inking and scanning, I spent quite a bit of time working with different particle effect brushes, I recommend the free ones created by Helen Art at Home. They are free to use and she has an amazing amount of them, all good quality.

This created a snow effect that was more realistic than just an illustrated version. I would have liked to add more realism and shading, but was just taking so long already, I was a bit distracted this weekend. Someday I will probably rework several of my designs, I see them as a work in progress, sort of virtual assets that I can build upon and evolve over time. Perhaps a background added here, a more elaborate font there. Hopefully next week I can add more of a shaded effect and less of a black cartoon look, although it fits well with the text bubble for this design.

I would have liked to maybe add one that says Sochi 2014 on the bottom, so instead it reads, “Make it snow Sochi 2014”, a bit more interesting than “Make it snow snowboard”. Although making it snow on someone’s head is funny, right? Bah I dunno, I laughed out loud when I thought it up. I honestly don’t know if woot would publish a shirt that says Sochi or Olympics, there might be some copyright stuff.

Well out of time, watch for my post on the speed video for more commentary coming soon! Thanks for reading!

merging snowboard

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Time-lapse video of Gen 8-Bit’s creation!

A big thanks to all my new blog followers, I will try to post at least twice a week!!

Wow, I’ve dreamed of making this type of video for ages, but now I’ve finally finished one! After many long hours of research, head scratching, and trial and error, I worked out my process. I decided now was my chance to put everything together and finish one, these shorter woot! derby projects projects make the perfect candidate! Using my trusty Galaxy S3 and  free BB Flashback express screen recorder software, I recorded the sketching and digital painting process. Then edit and speed up in Windows Movie Maker, add text commentary, and a cool public domain song (Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2, by Liszt), and viola! 3 hours of recorded work reduced to 6 minutes! Probably more like 6-8 hours in real life though, since I didn’t record my preparatory sketching and edited some in real time digitally. The music really does add a nice touch I think.

Why make this video now you ask? The reason is, I’m starting to produce educational content in an effort to not only provide insight into the artistic process from my personal perspective, but to reach an audience on the web by producing content that is valuable to people interested in the arts or artistic endeavors. I have a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Studio Art, and completed the Art Education program at UT Austin. Not to mention I was an art teacher in Austin, Texas public schools for 6 years, but I became burned out. (I’ll save that story for another blog entry!) The point is that I have a strong knowledge base about many types and aspects of art at this point in my career, and this will be a new way for me to share my ideas!

In this specific video, the theme for the woot! derby was 8-bit digital art. I thought many hours about possible ideas, and after 6 derbies I was trying to choose an image that is more visually compelling as well. The design must also have a “hook” element in my opinion, since it is not only a T-Shirt, but a voter selected T-Shirt, and also a popularity contest of sorts. (Tell your mom and all your friends to vote for you!) I ultimately decided on an image that took me back to that time when a new game was the most exciting thing I could think of. (Really, Zelda and Castlevania were that cool!) When it was time to kick back and enjoy the dramatic eerie glow from the TV, and chill with the cat! Those were magical times that will never come again, (at lease at that resolution :p) and only those who were from Generation 8-Bit will remember them!

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8 Bit art design contest! The woot! derby!

I have created a new shirt for the woot! derby. I remember many a long day sitting or laying in front of the TV, how could Nintendo be so fun with the lame graphics back then, right? Maybe cause we didn’t know any better lol. I wanted to add an image of a cute cat, since everyone knows this will make your image go viral in about 2 seconds, although I have yet to experience this for myself. I hope this shirt does well, I was late because I had to work my REAL job unexpectedly lol, and this conceptualizing the shirt design always takes me about 1 day it seems, maybe next time it will come to me faster. Many people post their designs even before the 24 hours is up in the comments about the derby itself.

An few interesting facts about this image and the 8-bit art. The Nintendo was about 256×240 pixels, smaller than the tv resolution of the time. I used a setting of 25 pixels per inch on an 8.5×11 canvas giving a resolution close to this in size. The 8 bit style can create shaded effects which give the combined color effect when viewed from a distance.

Keep a close eye on my posts, I am going to upload some educational videos about my design process in a few days! Thanks for reading, tell your friends if you like my blog and website! shirt comp JAYYPEGGG


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Working on Woot Shirts!

tshirt_comp shirt_positioning web_jayypegg VIRUS_DEF_FINAL_JPG_SHIRT_COMP Final_design_jayypegg export_opt_2Continuing to work on woot! shirt entries every week. I was attracted to the $1000 dollar prize offered, but found myself enjoying the challenge of creating something new each week. Seeing the other interesting possibilities that other artists create each week has captured my interest as well, and seeing all their promotions as the voting portion plays out. Close to 50 people usually post something in the first 24 hours, but I have been having trouble getting my entry up before noon Friday.

Someday I hope top sell my shirts on other websites since I haven’t had much luck winning on woot. There is a new contest every week at Thursday noon sharp, so I figure if I keep trying someday I might win. In one year, 52 images, 5 years 260, plenty of images for my portfolio.  Have gotten at most 12 or so votes so far, for my Virus Defender shirt, out of 5 entries so far. My portfolio is growing quickly now though, this contest has spurred me to action. Someday I might be able to become a full time artist, maybe even working for myself. I can print my best designs and sell them myself even if woot doesn’t want them.

I recorded my inking the drawings and the digital image editing process, so soon I hope to edit them into a short youtube educational video. I can try to build my following and sell more shirts and votes! This is early in the game, but starting to see a path to selling more art! Will write more later.

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Older ceramic art statement

This is an older artist statement that is a bit more wordy I created many years ago. Many of these ideas were in reference to my works in ceramic art and sculpture.


Functional form has become a canvas for detail that plays out its intentions on my work. Organic, industrial, mechanical, and biomechanical elements interact and manipulate one another, speaking about issues such as technology in society, wisdom and growth, and how classical and sculptural elements interact together to produce a new aesthetic strategy. I wish to explore these issues further, as well as other issues such as heraldic totemic structures, artistic manipulative glaze vocabulary, questioning of ideals such as symmetry, balance, and visual unity, form as a direct communication of theme or ideals, large classical form with a new component of detail, juxtaposition of form, production pottery, and crystal glazing.

What is the value of intentions of art that come to light after the art has been created? Subconscious thoughts and artistic/aesthetic elements that we are not aware of may find their way into our work. Interpretation of art to a deeper level after its creation still has value, for these visual methods and ideas can still be incorporated into future work, pre-intention now playing a larger role. Visual vocabulary has been strengthened in complexity of not only aesthetic but meaning. Visual components also speak on their own to a certain degree. 

Organic and technological components play upon and interact with one another. In the future, the line between biological organisms and technological machinery has become blurred. Utopia has been attained. Knowledge is everywhere, for now learning has become as simple as plugging into the daily dictionary of knowledge. Survival is no longer an issue, disease, war, violence, hunger, and prejudice have been eliminated. How is creativity still a factor in this new era? What role do observers play?

In the sculpture “Observation of Thought”, an observation unit contemplates the nature of emptiness, a moment of consciousness in which relfective thoughts and revelations come to light. In this moment, reflection upon events of life reveal how these happenings relate to one another, and new paths can be chosen in life’s actions, creating a new reality that is fuller and more meaningful because of its increase of intention in and on action. How will a computer incorporated with the human brain increase this capacity to consider possible actions. With millions of options at our fingertips, we see all and learn the nature of our true intentions, unclouded by before unseen desires and subconscious elements. 

In the future, new ideals will be explored through visual mediums, such as: What is the ultimate consideration and revelation of a life lived with careful observation? What is the apex, the ultimate evolution of human knowledge, wisdom, and existence? What role does spirituality play? What is the ultimate wisdom that the artist, who has the power to speak to the future, can convey? How can we tell the most correct course of action? Is there a limit to what we can achieve in our lifetime? Are some ideas infinite in their influence and duration?

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This has been in the works for sometime, but I finally cleaned this artist statement up and put it all together. This is a new summary of my work that I feel is very accurate about what I am thinking when I make my art.

I am an Austin native who has been producing art since I received my Studio Art degree from UT in 2001. I have focused on illustration, painting, and ceramics in the past, and now am delving into the field of digital art. My art has a unique style that is influenced by both classical and modern visual themes. Following is a short statement about my art.

Japanese prints of flowers, animals, and nature scenes provide a window into the intricacy and ideal of design that is evident in the natural world around us. Technology has developed a new aesthetic element that has an innate design style in a similar manner. Having lived in the modern era of art and mankind, my visual ideals have started to incorporate design elements that are analogous to these components. These design elements are combined with other art principles such as pattern and rhythm, and allowed to play out in a composition carefully considering balance and specific design ideals. The result is a window into an often surreal world that incorporates other themes such as science fiction, fantasy, and classical art.

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These guys know what I was talking about!

In college I took a performance art class, one of my main performances was walking in circles, for an extended period. Watch this music video from Cut Copy called Future, at around 1:15, she starts walking in circles just like I did! Maybe they saw my performance and were influenced, never know who will be a trendsetter! :p

The idea behind the performance was the energy this creates, and the rhythm creates an almost hypnotic effect. There are “visual aesthetics” this creates, (which was the title of the performance, iirc), which could be viewed as ideals of movement and energy of the human form, which can be observed for an influential affect on ones expression. Basically, in other words, there is an artistic value to even simple things such as a person walking in a circle, and the energy or space it creates is apparent. Try it, I used to walk in a circle for several minutes, but interspersed with other random actions. 

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