Intro and Digital opensource art

Welcome to the blog of PsychicSenator, aka Jon Edwards of Austin, TX, visual artist of many styles and mediums. Here is a link to my website as well:

This blog will primarily be a place to post links about art and possibly art ideas and images that relate to my browsings and research endeavors, as well as anything related to art in general. Please subscribe to get the latest! I will try to include interesting news and current events as well.

For the 1st entry, enjoy these open source digital art software links, which I am currently researching as an alternative to often expensive professional software. In my opinion, they are comparably equipped to get the job done and with very good workflow and interface/toolset functionality. So far I have a fair bit of experience with several of these packages, including Gimp, Inkscape, and MyPaint. With these set of tools, an artist could create nearly any digital visual effect desired. I must admit that I haven’t used the professional tools for a while, although I do have experience with each of the comparable Adobe packages.

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