Drawing effectively

This may be obvious to some, but drawing while at a desk or table, with a light directly above, with a sharp or mechanical pencil, hand rested firmly on the table, muscles taught but controlled in their arcing motions, makes a world of difference. Sure I can draw in a bus on a bumpy road, or on the sofa while watching TV, but try the real thing from time to time to experience drawing in a more focused way. It made me start to realize why I often start to realize why drawing/illustration had become a thing I thought that I would never experience again as I did in college, which I had thought to be a product of impatience with the medium. Perhaps though it was for lack of an efficient workspace. I had no problem with this however for some reason, since I now see drawing mostly as a way to flesh out ideas, plan, replan, edit, etc. Painting had become the ultimate medium in my eyes, (digital or otherwise), but now maybe I think that I should take a second look. 

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