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OMG this problem has annoyed me, finally hit the right combo of keywords for the google search to solve it. This post where I found the answer sums the problem up nicely, which always seemed to fix itself somehow in the past lol. I knew about screen modes but wasn’t aware that was causing the problem.

I’m sure this is a simple fix but I didn’t know what terms to search for. “Canvas” brought up hundreds and combined with “boundaries,” 3. Anyhow…

I often work with very large images (300dpi, with both geographical space and file size very large) since I’m often printing these images for print / direct marketing campaigns or signage. The image I’m working on now, for example, is 255MB / 44″ x 42″ @ 300 DPI. That’s a big picture! So, sometimes I need to work in detail at the edge of a document. That’s where the problem comes in:

When I’m zoomed in at say 100%, while working with that 44″ by 42″ image, obviously I must scroll around to get access to other areas of the image and display them on the screen. However, if I try to use the Hand tool for instance and drag up so I bring the canvas up and expose some part of the gray outside (and thus exposing the edge plus some blank space for me to work on, just like you’d do in Flash or whatever other programs.) When I try to do that with PhotoShop CS2, it will bring the image to the edge of the image’s window, but not allow me to drag it even further like you’d be able to do at say a zoom level of 50% or smaller.

Can I enable this feature so I can drag images and move them into the window display but also show some of the exterior of the canvas so that I can work in great zoomed detail but at the leading edge in 100% zoom mode?

Thank you very much!

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The answer:
If I understand you correctly, try pressing the F key. This will allow you to pan the canvas up and down anyway you like.

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