Sketches for Painting

Here’s a few of the sketches that I created to plan for the details of the 3012 picture. All of this has made me realize how important a very detailed drawing is when starting a new work.  Otherwise, continuous editing can slow down your process. This may not always be possible though since even the artist doesn’t always know how it will turn out until its done. My process is one of brainstorming, I carefully consider each section and line within the design aesthetic specific to each image.  Sometimes I may design each aspect a dozen or more times to find the one that I feel works. Hopefully this gives some insight to my process. These images show the original planning sketch, and the planning for individual elements such as the circuits, tank, and small flower.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Eventually these unused designs may be incorporated into digital variations of this image, which I have not yet completed but you can see an example of this on the Dragon Lotus image on the front page of my website. Thanks for reading!

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