These guys know what I was talking about!

In college I took a performance art class, one of my main performances was walking in circles, for an extended period. Watch this music video from Cut Copy called Future, at around 1:15, she starts walking in circles just like I did! Maybe they saw my performance and were influenced, never know who will be a trendsetter! :p

The idea behind the performance was the energy this creates, and the rhythm creates an almost hypnotic effect. There are “visual aesthetics” this creates, (which was the title of the performance, iirc), which could be viewed as ideals of movement and energy of the human form, which can be observed for an influential affect on ones expression. Basically, in other words, there is an artistic value to even simple things such as a person walking in a circle, and the energy or space it creates is apparent. Try it, I used to walk in a circle for several minutes, but interspersed with other random actions. 

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