Older ceramic art statement

This is an older artist statement that is a bit more wordy I created many years ago. Many of these ideas were in reference to my works in ceramic art and sculpture.


Functional form has become a canvas for detail that plays out its intentions on my work. Organic, industrial, mechanical, and biomechanical elements interact and manipulate one another, speaking about issues such as technology in society, wisdom and growth, and how classical and sculptural elements interact together to produce a new aesthetic strategy. I wish to explore these issues further, as well as other issues such as heraldic totemic structures, artistic manipulative glaze vocabulary, questioning of ideals such as symmetry, balance, and visual unity, form as a direct communication of theme or ideals, large classical form with a new component of detail, juxtaposition of form, production pottery, and crystal glazing.

What is the value of intentions of art that come to light after the art has been created? Subconscious thoughts and artistic/aesthetic elements that we are not aware of may find their way into our work. Interpretation of art to a deeper level after its creation still has value, for these visual methods and ideas can still be incorporated into future work, pre-intention now playing a larger role. Visual vocabulary has been strengthened in complexity of not only aesthetic but meaning. Visual components also speak on their own to a certain degree. 

Organic and technological components play upon and interact with one another. In the future, the line between biological organisms and technological machinery has become blurred. Utopia has been attained. Knowledge is everywhere, for now learning has become as simple as plugging into the daily dictionary of knowledge. Survival is no longer an issue, disease, war, violence, hunger, and prejudice have been eliminated. How is creativity still a factor in this new era? What role do observers play?

In the sculpture “Observation of Thought”, an observation unit contemplates the nature of emptiness, a moment of consciousness in which relfective thoughts and revelations come to light. In this moment, reflection upon events of life reveal how these happenings relate to one another, and new paths can be chosen in life’s actions, creating a new reality that is fuller and more meaningful because of its increase of intention in and on action. How will a computer incorporated with the human brain increase this capacity to consider possible actions. With millions of options at our fingertips, we see all and learn the nature of our true intentions, unclouded by before unseen desires and subconscious elements. 

In the future, new ideals will be explored through visual mediums, such as: What is the ultimate consideration and revelation of a life lived with careful observation? What is the apex, the ultimate evolution of human knowledge, wisdom, and existence? What role does spirituality play? What is the ultimate wisdom that the artist, who has the power to speak to the future, can convey? How can we tell the most correct course of action? Is there a limit to what we can achieve in our lifetime? Are some ideas infinite in their influence and duration?

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