Working on Woot Shirts!

tshirt_comp shirt_positioning web_jayypegg VIRUS_DEF_FINAL_JPG_SHIRT_COMP Final_design_jayypegg export_opt_2Continuing to work on woot! shirt entries every week. I was attracted to the $1000 dollar prize offered, but found myself enjoying the challenge of creating something new each week. Seeing the other interesting possibilities that other artists create each week has captured my interest as well, and seeing all their promotions as the voting portion plays out. Close to 50 people usually post something in the first 24 hours, but I have been having trouble getting my entry up before noon Friday.

Someday I hope top sell my shirts on other websites since I haven’t had much luck winning on woot. There is a new contest every week at Thursday noon sharp, so I figure if I keep trying someday I might win. In one year, 52 images, 5 years 260, plenty of images for my portfolio.  Have gotten at most 12 or so votes so far, for my Virus Defender shirt, out of 5 entries so far. My portfolio is growing quickly now though, this contest has spurred me to action. Someday I might be able to become a full time artist, maybe even working for myself. I can print my best designs and sell them myself even if woot doesn’t want them.

I recorded my inking the drawings and the digital image editing process, so soon I hope to edit them into a short youtube educational video. I can try to build my following and sell more shirts and votes! This is early in the game, but starting to see a path to selling more art! Will write more later.

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