8 Bit art design contest! The woot! derby!

I have created a new shirt for the woot! derby. I remember many a long day sitting or laying in front of the TV, how could Nintendo be so fun with the lame graphics back then, right? Maybe cause we didn’t know any better lol. I wanted to add an image of a cute cat, since everyone knows this will make your image go viral in about 2 seconds, although I have yet to experience this for myself. I hope this shirt does well, I was late because I had to work my REAL job unexpectedly lol, and this conceptualizing the shirt design always takes me about 1 day it seems, maybe next time it will come to me faster. Many people post their designs even before the 24 hours is up in the comments about the derby itself.

An few interesting facts about this image and the 8-bit art. The Nintendo was about 256×240 pixels, smaller than the tv resolution of the time. I used a setting of 25 pixels per inch on an 8.5×11 canvas giving a resolution close to this in size. The 8 bit style can create shaded effects which give the combined color effect when viewed from a distance.

Keep a close eye on my posts, I am going to upload some educational videos about my design process in a few days! Thanks for reading, tell your friends if you like my blog and website!




https://www.facebook.com/pages/PsychicSenator-Austin-Artist/196015843777875final shirt comp JAYYPEGGG


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