Time-lapse video of Gen 8-Bit’s creation!

A big thanks to all my new blog followers, I will try to post at least twice a week!!

Wow, I’ve dreamed of making this type of video for ages, but now I’ve finally finished one! After many long hours of research, head scratching, and trial and error, I worked out my process. I decided now was my chance to put everything together and finish one, these shorter woot! derby projects projects make the perfect candidate! Using my trusty Galaxy S3 and  free BB Flashback express screen recorder software, I recorded the sketching and digital painting process. Then edit and speed up in Windows Movie Maker, add text commentary, and a cool public domain song (Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2, by Liszt), and viola! 3 hours of recorded work reduced to 6 minutes! Probably more like 6-8 hours in real life though, since I didn’t record my preparatory sketching and edited some in real time digitally. The music really does add a nice touch I think.

Why make this video now you ask? The reason is, I’m starting to produce educational content in an effort to not only provide insight into the artistic process from my personal perspective, but to reach an audience on the web by producing content that is valuable to people interested in the arts or artistic endeavors. I have a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Studio Art, and completed the Art Education program at UT Austin. Not to mention I was an art teacher in Austin, Texas public schools for 6 years, but I became burned out. (I’ll save that story for another blog entry!) The point is that I have a strong knowledge base about many types and aspects of art at this point in my career, and this will be a new way for me to share my ideas!

In this specific video, the theme for the woot! derby was 8-bit digital art. I thought many hours about possible ideas, and after 6 derbies I was trying to choose an image that is more visually compelling as well. The design must also have a “hook” element in my opinion, since it is not only a T-Shirt, but a voter selected T-Shirt, and also a popularity contest of sorts. (Tell your mom and all your friends to vote for you!) I ultimately decided on an image that took me back to that time when a new game was the most exciting thing I could think of. (Really, Zelda and Castlevania were that cool!) When it was time to kick back and enjoy the dramatic eerie glow from the TV, and chill with the cat! Those were magical times that will never come again, (at lease at that resolution :p) and only those who were from Generation 8-Bit will remember them!

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