Sports themed t-shirt for Woot! derby contest

Well its been a while since my last blog entry, but there was a “double take” in the woot derby, which means they have a derby consisting of all of their honorable mentions for the last several weeks. (no honorable mentions for me this time) So I used the time instead to work on getting prepared for next week and other side projects I am working on. I’ll go into a little more detail about these projects in another post soon.

For this derby,, the theme was something “sports” related. I know that the winter Olympics in Sochi are starting soon, so I wanted something related. My thinking is that the dynamic jumps and tricks of snowboarding make excellent visual images for t-shirts. I started by sketching several snowboarders jumping using an image search. Next I created an composition and new gesture drawing with the visual info I had gleaned. A compass was helpful for making the circle, I recommend the small plastic type, with a plastic spinning disk in the cutout center, since it has the added benefit of an integrated straight edge and tiny circle templates. See my video coming soon to see it in action!

After inking and scanning, I spent quite a bit of time working with different particle effect brushes, I recommend the free ones created by Helen Art at Home. They are free to use and she has an amazing amount of them, all good quality.

This created a snow effect that was more realistic than just an illustrated version. I would have liked to add more realism and shading, but was just taking so long already, I was a bit distracted this weekend. Someday I will probably rework several of my designs, I see them as a work in progress, sort of virtual assets that I can build upon and evolve over time. Perhaps a background added here, a more elaborate font there. Hopefully next week I can add more of a shaded effect and less of a black cartoon look, although it fits well with the text bubble for this design.

I would have liked to maybe add one that says Sochi 2014 on the bottom, so instead it reads, “Make it snow Sochi 2014”, a bit more interesting than “Make it snow snowboard”. Although making it snow on someone’s head is funny, right? Bah I dunno, I laughed out loud when I thought it up. I honestly don’t know if woot would publish a shirt that says Sochi or Olympics, there might be some copyright stuff.

Well out of time, watch for my post on the speed video for more commentary coming soon! Thanks for reading!

merging snowboard

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