Upgrade specs

Wow this site does the gruntwork for you, shoulda came here first. Type in your PC and out pops the best cost effective upgrade


Also more info here


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Starting a speedpainting!


I just uploaded onto my YouTube channel my first raw footage of me starting a new speedpainting. This is a loosely defined term that basically means I record the entire painting process as I create it on my PC. Then later on, I can speed up many hours of video into just a 10 minute or less clip, showing the artistic process in intricate detail. Later on I may go into the specifics of my software setup for this, but it takes some effort and thought to set up for sure. There are MANY software packages lol. The audio I just added from YouTube’s library, feel free to turn on your own music if you want to watch. For now it may be better to skip ahead here and there. Still its an interesting result.

The original image is from an old unfinished watercolor with obvious classical influence.


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Sketches for Painting

Here’s a few of the sketches that I created to plan for the details of the 3012 picture. All of this has made me realize how important a very detailed drawing is when starting a new work.  Otherwise, continuous editing can slow down your process. This may not always be possible though since even the artist doesn’t always know how it will turn out until its done. My process is one of brainstorming, I carefully consider each section and line within the design aesthetic specific to each image.  Sometimes I may design each aspect a dozen or more times to find the one that I feel works. Hopefully this gives some insight to my process. These images show the original planning sketch, and the planning for individual elements such as the circuits, tank, and small flower.

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Eventually these unused designs may be incorporated into digital variations of this image, which I have not yet completed but you can see an example of this on the Dragon Lotus image on the front page of my website. Thanks for reading!

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Finished New Painting!

OK, this one has been a long time coming but I am pleased how it turned out. I had an idea how it would look but the image evolved over time as well as I continually designed and redesigned each component. The result is an image that has a good visual flow, vibrant color,  and carefully considered form and design. Soon I will publish a statement about the piece and its content. Also stay tuned for more sketches and further info about this painting and my other art.

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Awesome New Link!

Man you have got to check this out


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Alchemy open source drawing

Been trying out this software, its an awesome way to create a more abstract or artistic digital image. There are many options to add shapes, styles, and effects as you draw. The mirror brush also allows you to more easily complete projects that require symmetry, such as portraits or flowers. Here are a couple of rough examples I quickly created. Also, there is no undo function, which allows you to continually move forward in the piece rather than continually editing, as well as making each stroke a carefully considered addition.


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Daz 3d now free! Just buy a model

Reminds me of poser the little I’ve used it, seems a very useful animation tool, bryce and other software free as well from them. This is a good business model in my opinion, let them see the value of your product at a low or no price, then allow them to support you by improving their experience even more. I bet they increased their revenue, and now look at how many people can use this great tool. Its a win win.


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